Writing as many may have realized is an art that requires articulate skills whereby the ability to satisfy the client requirements is at the epitome of the requirements. In addition to provide quality work a writer is embodied to maintain the organization ethics for which the writers that surpass the client expectations have a high chance of attracting bonuses and likewise in the case of poor-quality work there may be fines.
As a writer working at EssayYard, there are several things that should be noted;
• At EssayYard we strive to ensure the provision of high-quality papers that means that it is the sole responsibility of the writer to provide high quality papers.
• There are several forms of infractions that will attract fines and in the long run the closure of an account based on performance. NB The rule of thumb applies hence it is the responsibility of the writer to determine the fields they can handle adequately. It is advisable for one to pick only the papers they can perform well in.
• Plagiarism is regarded to as lack of professionalism and will attract hefty fines as follows:
o 5-10% plagiarism 10% fine
o 10-20% plagiarism 25% fine
o 20%+ plagiarism 100% fine
o Plagiarism above 15% will also lead to an account suspension for a period not less than two weeks.
• Lateness as an infraction leads to the inconvenience of the client and the website management and as a result will attract various of fines.
o 1hr lateness 10% fine
o 2hrs lateness 25% fine
o 5hrs lateness 50% fine
o Lateness above 5hrs will also lead to an account suspension for a period not less than two weeks.
Confidence Policy
• The confidence policy is an important part of the platform and the management will be vigilant in monitoring the writer and client activity. This means that if the writer tries under any circumstance to provide personal information to the clients then the account will e close without further communication. If in any case the client provided personal information, then it is the responsibility of the writer to contact the support department immediately.
• Demotions as dictated in the rule of thumb will be implemented in the case that the writer is seen to compromise the quality of work as stipulated by the website rules.
• For the well performing writers, there is a lot in store for them including bonuses and promotions.
• There are many factors considered during the promotion process and it is up to the writer to ensure that the papers are of the highest quality.
• The website levels are as follows and better paying levels will be added if need be.

Writer Levels