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Essays in reference to the field of orientation require the use of skill relative to the desired requirements so as to come up with quality work.

Process essay is in other words an essay that describes a procedure. That is a step by step process that leads to a certain or given outcome. Usually the steps are outlined and explained in a topic and sentence format all paragraphed and easy to draw a conclusion as a reader.

You need to have an order in which events happen in which case a lot of wording should be avoided. Use of an active voice is best in this kind of essay. Bullets and lists are appropriate since you are writing a procedural essay that will need you to outline the points of discussion. As you write you have to ensure that you are again not too brief as this may make your work loose its clarity. Choice of words is also key as they have to be carefully and well put and where there is a feeling to want to use a jargon, ensure that it is one that the reader or readers are able to relate with.

In the case of this essay adequate research is needed as in most cases a process essay that you are working on might have been done before quiet accurately. In any case times change and everything is new on its own day, therefore a proper research will only help in making your work quality better even to the point where you have to put it in writing.

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