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Essays in reference to the field of orientation require the use of skill relative to the desired requirements so as to come up with quality work.

This essay is meant as its name suggests, to give an analysis, interpretation and or an evaluation of how or what the reader thinks of a certain given study. It is considered opinionative. While writing this essay, you need to have a few things in mind as the end result should be a critical analysis that is sensible and convincing.

You will need to take time to understand the essay title for you to be able to build on it. Once you have properly decoded it then research and do a structure of it so as to develop your argument. The use of relevant evidence will help with building a body for your essay as you also introduce counter arguments an eventually a proper work presentation.

An essay such as this will at times be difficult for you as you need to be well informed and have an in depth understanding of the essence of the subject that you are criticizing. The main focus of this essay is the strong or weak features of the subject. That is to give the reader an idea of what you consider to be good or bad or also what you in other aspects consider positive or negative about the topic.  Often the question is as the writer are you or were you able to critic the subject correctly? Was/is your work persuasive enough? And is the reader convinced?

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