Poets Way of Using Unfortunate Circumstances to Wr


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Poets Way of Using Unfortunate Circumstances to Write Great Poetry

Over the years, poetry has developed with more and more poets looking at diverse fields within which they base their poems. Many of the poets use the experiences on the ground to determine what the poems they write are about with most of the poems having a relevant topic that they describe starting from the environment, to the society and other major fields. With the making of descriptive poems, there are poets that have majored into the rarely used fields in which they have found the aspect of using some of the unused areas especially the negatives to come up with great poems. Some of the poets have come up with a great way of using the unfortunate circumstances in their lives to come up with poems that are mainly descriptive of the occurrence as it happened in their lives.

Some of the poems that are based upon the unfortunate circumstances include The Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold, Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, and My Last Duchess by Robert Browning. The Dover Beach by Mathew Arnold is a poem that describes a time when the author is near a sea and describes the experience. However, the description about the sea and the beach has got a deeper meaning on life than is described by the author (Tinker 4). The poem starts with a serene environment within which all the natural factors remain at peace. The sea is calm tonight. The tide is full, the moon lies fair/ Upon the straits.” (Allott 17) The poet focuses on the changes of the sea from the calm situation to when the sea’s calmness ends and compares this to the weakening of faith in a world which is referred to as a land of dreams. The poet describes this as a land where there are just pipe dreams that have nothing major to believe in and hence the aspect of weakening faith. The aspect of joy and love seem to be confusing and hence noting that with no love between man and woman then the world would be a confused. The expression of an uncertain future is an unfortunate event that the poet uses in the poem.

Raven by Edgar Allan Poe is a poem about a tired man who is sitting in his house half asleep as he is reading in the process of trying to forget the loss of his love. From my books surcease of sorrow – sorrow for the lost Lenore (10). In the process of relaxing, he assumes that he hears a knock at the door. He goes to the door and finds nothing after which he opens the win doe and a raven comes in and settles on a statue above the door (John 12). The man immediately starts asking question all of which are answered the same way by the raven "nevermore”. This however makes the man to start asking more and more questions all of which become more painful owing to the fact that he did not get the answers that he was hoping for. The man is grieving for his lost love from which he hopes that the pain that he has comes to an end although from what is seen, staying out late does not seem to be the best way to deal with a situation where one has lost their love.

My Last Duchess by Robert Browning is a poem within which a duke tries to explain various tings about his last bride to a father whose daughter he is about to marry. The poem is of an unhappy duke who tries to look for a better life through marrying another wife whom he expected to be loyal and from the way he explains about the way he adored her despite her actions shows how uncertain he is about what he wanted of her. He is unhappy that she would be made happy by anyone as opposed to the fact that he wanted to be the only one that was supposed to make her happy. By referring to his last duchess, then there is the revelation that he has lost a person that he wishes to replace although the way the duchess is lost is not well explained (Karlin 4).

Matthew Arnold, in his poem "Dover Beach” was greatly influenced to write this poem because of the things which were taking place. It covers events as they were unfolding during the evolutional theories of the beginning of life and the world creations that caused wavering in people believes and religion. The poem highlights the passion and description of emotions which is deeply felt because of the circumstances in which the poetry finds him in. This is seen when he compares the changes occurring in the ocean whereby at first the ocean is calm, quiet and beautiful making life to look okay but surprisingly, the ocean changes and it becomes rougher and agitated an experience he never anticipated would occur so soon. This surprises him of how life can change without a warning whereby at certain moment one is experiencing joy, peace and harmony but allover sudden, life change to a mood of sadness and horror. This affects the poetry after seeing how life is unpredictable and unsatisfactorily being unable to tell what it holds for you in the near future.

The Raven is the poem written to empty loneliness and mourning after a loss of a wife. The narrator is using the bird ‘Raven’ to pass his message and more so his feelings which is to stand as a messenger and also as a companion who he can relate with. All this is taking place because the narrator is seen to be having mental instability because instead of interpreting the information to the raven, he conceal it in his heart making the raven to serve as a piece of the narrators soul as the animal seems to be equal with psyche in the poem.

In the three poems the aspect of unfortunate circumstance is a common feature that is shown through the experiences or acts that occur in the poems. In the first one, The Dover Beach, the narrator explains of his uncertainty in the future of which the main theme of his future is love and joy. He compares the life uncertainty to the calm sea whose calm disappears hence the faith in a relationship that will not change is a situation that brings about sorrow in his life. He tries to imagine on a world without love which appears one that he would not fathom or know how things would work out if such a case occurred. The second poem has got its unfortunate circumstance being the loss of a loved one. The man in the poem is seen to suffer as he tries to change the situation in his life and hence getting into a situation where he is most likely out of his senses as he tries to communicate with a raven. This however makes it a starting point within which the poet can describe the life or situation for the man involved in the poem.

The third poem has the duke experiencing a situation in his life that is related to love and is mainly being caused by the dissatisfaction in his relationship with his former duchess. The fact that he sorrowfully displays her portrait is an indication that he does not wish to stay alone or he misses her company. Unfortunate circumstances in the poems form a very concrete base from which the poets can make their poems. This is because there is an aspect or purpose within the poem in addition to the themes that are elated to the society or social conditions as experienced. The strategy has enabled the poets to come up with a different yet great way to present the emotional attachment to a particular feeling such as love or joy. Characters as represented in the tree poems have similar problems that they are facing and are represented by the poet either directly or indirectly. These problems form the unfortunate events or circumstances within which the poems are based. This although having been around for some time, is one of the most interesting platforms within which the poem writing art can be based on especially because it focuses on problems that are experienced in the society.