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personal interest and determination 

The combination of personal interest and determination is just but a beginning of the qualities that anyone who wants to be in any medical field has to possess. Neurosurgery is one of the most competitive fields from which I believe I will get the chance to work for the people through contributing towards the wellbeing of their mental health. Neurosurgery is predominantly one of the most competitive fields in medicine and has got several fields within which a surgeon can practice. For me to join the neurosurgery study course, there are subjects which I took as they are fundamental and contribute towards the study of medicine in general. These include chemistry and biology that form a foundation from which as a student I must start while studying medicine. As I am interested in neurosurgery, there are mandatory objectives and goals that come to mind. One is the main purpose of studying in this field and the second one is the personal expectations that one works towards or the inpiration that brings in the interest to me.

Neurosurgery over the years has been a very crucial field that has enabled the medical personnel to save many people starting from children which is one of the main aspects that caught my eye in the field. In many instances, I believe the achievements in medicine and in particular the neurosurgery field, can be determined by the success rate of the doctor which makes the field entirely challenging. The service to the people is the most interesting part of the neurosurgery career as the pride of serving the people successfully is the main need that encourages me to join the field. The personal belief is that all the people should have adequate medical care, and good service serve in the field would bring about a better understanding into the mental health.