Sample Internship Letter

2036 Camphor Lane
DeLand, FL 22624

Victoria Nakibuuka-Muli

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Department of Pediatrics
982165 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-2165


Dear Ms. Victoria,

Re: Application for Internship

The previous combination of work experience and the course I am studying in college makes me an appropriate candidate for an internship program within the summer with your organization. My experience in pediatrics combine with other qualifications such as being able to work with minimal supervision makes me a good student and performer all together. Currently, I am a biology and chemistry major in Creighton University which I believe is a stepping stone towards the achievement of my career.

Given that I have the passion of becoming a neurosurgeon in the future, I am hoping to gain as much knowledge in the field and there is no better place that I would conveniently achieve this except for your institution that offers advanced study in the field. My fascination with the brain has been there for the past few years since I got a close revelation as to how the brain performs and the body responses that originate from it.

I would like to join the institution for the internship so as to ensure that I learn more on the subject. In addition to being helpful, I believe that the internship in your institution will be mutually beneficial. With your organization having accredited service provision in pediatrics, a field I would like to work in due to the presence of the children, I will be a motivated trainee working towards your objectives as an institution.

I believe that children should have adequate medical care and I would like to serve in the field which would bring about a better understanding into the children’s mental health.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your Name