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In any large institution, the electrical outlets are some of the most important facilities as they enable the people to charge their devices at ease. In the University of California, Davis, it was noted that there are very few sockets in the library which is should be essential especially with the large number of students that use their laptops for the study purpose. The university together with the students union (ASUCD) have joined to ensure that the Shields Library which was built at a time when there was no need for outlets is equipped with outlets is equipped with some that will serve the students using the library.

As a student body, most of the projects are mainly funded by sponsors who in turn get the chance to advertise their products and through the setting up of branded things in the campus, the students recognize the company as an associate and supporter of the institution. This makes the brand of the company to grow especially with the exposure that increases their customer base. There would be many interested electrical institutions but as an institution, the only the major companies will be allowed to fund the project.

Cost Analysis

Kolb Electric is an electric company that has got many close ties with various companies and institutions over its quality work and time of existence. The company has been around for around 90 years and would not mind to fund the project as it is not very capital intensive. The company also has got an inspection and repair policy for all its installations which means that it would be better to get sponsored by the company as it will ensure the systems are fully function until the warranted period is over. The number of students wishing to use their laptops has increased with more than 90 percent of the students owning laptops.
The library to be improved has a study capacity of 3,391 seats which means there can be an approximation of 2000 laptop users when the library is in full capacity. This means the number of sockets to be set up is 2000. These should be set up all around the library which also includes the desks in the middle of the library and hence giving a better opportunity to have access to the outlets. The requirements include the sockets, socket holders, wires and electric conduit pipes.



Cost per unit

Total Cost









Conduit pipes




2.5" Wire




Screws $ conduit holders





The total for the whole project is approximately $10,000. The costs are mainly for the required parts which will be determined by the discounts that Kolb electrical will agree to offer. One of the most expensive parts of the project is the labor which will easily be provided as the company provides services in this field. With enough personnel, this project will take 2 days as the first day would be setting up the conduits while the second one would be to the wiring as the sockets are fixed hence ensuring there is minimum inconveniences caused for the whole process. Kolb electric has the potential to ensure that the system is set up within the shortest time possible. This however will be in the best of interest of the institution ant the company in general hence continuing the relationship that the company has had with the university in promotion of education related ventures.

The electric outlets will be distributed evenly all around the library so as to enable all the students to have access to the outlets. Essentially, Rosendin Electric will handle the installation process with parts being taken from Kolb electrical. Kolb is bound to sponsor some of the costs needed for the project while the university will cater for the remaining costs. The students’ body is the one coordinating the project and hence will interact with the two companies to ensure the process is smoothly executed.