A Look Inside Jaws

 A Look Inside Jaws

Plot Summary

The film begins with a girl by the name Chrissie Watkins who went to enjoy skinny dipping but unfortunately she did not live to enjoy skinny dipping again after she was killed by a shark. Her body was found and a medical examiner concludes that she died because of shark attack. Martin Brody, the Amity police chief intends to close the beaches to avoid the loss of another soul through shark attack. Mayor Larry Vaughan overruled that decision as he fears the economy of the town may be affected since it depend on tourists who might be scared to visit due to fear of shark (Laurent, 1995). The shark moves again killing a young boy by the name Alex Kintner and his mother responded by offering huge amount of money to anyone who can trap and kill the shark. Quint, a professional shark hunter is offered to be paid well and in that process a large tiger shark is caught by fishermen and town people thought the problem is over. Hooper request to examine its stomach but the Mayor refused and Hooper with Brody waited until night and after examining the shark’s stomach they discovered it had swallowed nothing. The process of hunting the real shark begins but it turned to a dangerous job because some of the hunters died and the survivor escaped narrowly.

Cinematic Elements

The film is covering one major scene the ocean which reveals the danger in the aquatic but at the same time it unfold the beauty and the undiscovered treasure which is at the bottom of the ocean. There was unusual costume used in this film which was the cage whereby unlike the other movies where they use the common protecting gears. The use of a cage posed the great danger the fishermen were exposed in and also symbolized the determination they had to ensure the society is safe. The performance of the film was so organized such that audience would think and believe the happening was real happening to people like any other person.

The Meaning of the movie

The movie meant to outline the character of people who are in the society where people live. When the first person is killed by the shark, Martin Brody moves swiftly to protect lives but the Mayor does not mind the welfare of the citizens instead he cares for the economy of the town. When the boy is killed, the mother took the initiative not to protect her son but to protect the son of the neighbor to protect them from feeling the kind of pain she felt after losing her son an initiative which should have been taken by the government. The determination portrayed by the fishermen to kill the shark despite being aware of the danger they were exposing themselves to symbolizing the loyalty they had toward their town. The film maker also moved strongly to educate and to create awareness to mankind of the danger which could be surrounding an entire community.

What did you like about the movie? What did you dislike about it?

The aspect of the fishermen, the mother of the killed son and Martin the police motivated the audience by their commitment to ensure the community is well secured and protected making the movie likeable. The Mayor proved to be stingy, putting money ahead of the citizens who makes the community making this part to be disliked.

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